Monday, 26 September 2016

The Skyscraper

The Skyscraper
tallest in the planet
no floors to climb
no windows no ventilation
the lifetime breath
shut in the monument
transparent ground floor
exhibits the collection
synonymous with passion

                                  walls display the drive
                                  top to bottom chronological line
                                  canvas showing the veins
                                  blood splashed aesthetically
                                  legends of adoration
                                  narrated in grandiloquence
                                  observing each side
                                  consumes eternal time
                                  analogous for trauma

proof of piercing affection
manifested in a longing pattern
their emotional blackmail
embalmed in eloquent expressions
contenders finding positions
pouring the hatred
invisible inclinations
monotonous with calamity

                                     attitude could not be seen
                                     on top restored the core
                                     constitution focused mainly
                                     principled aorta connecting
                                     the walls with a slender touch
                                     still pounding with the spirit
                                     hegemonic pulse vibrate
                                     in resonance dithering waver
                                     formal-de-hyde preserving the soul

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