Thursday, 8 September 2011

Orbit (circle, ellipse) the axis

hard bark (trunk, stem) the childhood friend
green growth (leaf, vein) mimicking the insects
colour odour (flower, bloom) playing with smile
sweet sour (fruit, ripe) enjoyable adolescence
suck sap (worm, bug) fond of youth
spin swim (fish, frog) hop around mute
fly buzz (bird, owl) freedom to roam
pet pat (cat, dog) cheerful confrontation
quick witted (monkey, ape) mischievous maneuver
strong power (tiger, cheetah) fight to win
size big (elephant, hippo) guide to revenge
optical vision (eye, sight) perceiving potent
sniff smell (nose, olfactory) scenting snout
chirp chatter (mouth, throat) communicating creativity
audible attention (ear, hear) listen to parole
feel touch (skin, sheath) sensing the senseless
rational reason (brain, mind) cause and effect
liquid flow (water, sea) trickling danger
hot flame (fire, blaze) scorching heat
wide extension (sky, horizon) twinkling peril
breeze blow (air, wind) storming threat
top crust (earth, ground) rocking risk
uncertain doubt (life, being) dying moments
definite assured (death, nothing) longing survival

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